September 10, 2004

Today's slightly inane discovery

I have likely mentioned that I sometimes come home with some cheap DVD packages from Wallymart from time to time. It seems there is some company called Platinum Disc Corporation that packages some multi-movie/TV show packages. I 'spect these are movies to which no one cared to retain the copyright or for which the rights to such could have been bought very very cheaply. I have gotten quite a few of their packages, and, although I am always a bit aghast at some of the stuff they thought was worth puttin' on DVD, there are sometimes small pearls to be found among these lost films.

I was watchin' the openin' credits of one such movie called A Yank in Libya when I noticed one of the leadin' stars of such was named Parkyarkarkus.* I thought the name was quite unusual, so I went immediately to to research some info about this actor. Well, I did not find a clue as to why he decided upon "Parkyarkarkus," but the person born as Harry Parke seems to have had the distinction of bein' the person who died with his head in Milton Berle's lap at a Friar's Roast for the benefit of Lucy & Desi, the same event at which Milton jumped up immediately to ask "Is there a doctor in the house?" whereupon the audience, not realizin' the question was seriously posed, laughed heartily. Said Harry Parke also fathered Albert Brooks and Super Dave Osborne.**

I am jes' hopeful that the movie is as good as the ratin' given by those who have seen it as shown on the imdb site.

*Thankfully, as the movie unrolled, the character actually introduced himself by such name and I learned it is pronounced Park-ya-karkus. It now all makes sense.

**Who, in turn, fathered Ozzy Osborne?

Posted by Tiger at September 10, 2004 08:42 PM