September 11, 2004

That nefarious silver linin' in every cloud

I guess there is an upside to gettin' very few comments on a regular basis. I sure does make it easy to find the comment spam. In fact, based upon my recent observations, should I receive 3 comments in any given day, the odds of 1 of them bein' comment spam is 100%; the likelihood of 2 of such bein' comment spam is 95%; and the likelihood of all 3 bein' comment spam is 90%.* I sometimes wonder if'n it would be a worthwhile endeavor to dispense with allowin' commentary all together.

*For the purposes of such findin', please realize that I consider any comments which seem to have no purpose other than to affix a link to some commercial site, which add nothin' of substance, or jes' seem to have no purpose at all that I can find as comment spam. I understand this definition is slightly different than many other people's idea of what qualifies as comment spam.

Posted by Tiger at September 11, 2004 09:24 AM

So that makes this comment spam?

Probably - it doesn't seem to add substance or have any purpose :-)

Actually it does have a purpose - it lets you know that someone is reading your blog.

Posted by: Ozguru at September 12, 2004 05:48 PM