September 11, 2004

Medium not quite so well done

WARNIN'! If you ain't a Cowboys fan, ain't no need for you to go further.

What follows is my review of the premiere episode of The Troy and Babe Show. Actually, this is a pairin' made for Cowboys fans, as Babe launched his successful broadcast career 'cause of his prior position as a Dallas Cowboys QB, it is a great move in pairin' him up with the other person who launched his successful broadcast career 'cause of his previously play in the same team position. I feel, however, that it is fair to say that Troy was a mite bit better at their shared playin' position than Babe, but Babe, maybe due to his more extensive experience, seems more at ease in front of the camera.

Both of 'em were a bit stiff at the front, but I am guessin' they are shootin' it live or first take, and I think Babe, especially was tryin' too hard. The set kinda inferred it was not a big budget production. However, both Troy Aikman and Babe Laufenburg can shine a bit as a good broadcaster, ever' now and when, and any show featurin' anythin' to do with the NFL, and especially the Dallas Cowboys is always gonna be worth watchin', ya know. So, I 'spose if I am sittin' here next time such show comes on next week, I will likely watch it.

Posted by Tiger at September 11, 2004 08:09 PM