September 12, 2004

Are ya ready for some football?

Well, today is officially the start of the NFL season, although even the NFL can't stand up to a Category 5 hurricane, so the Dolphins game was moved up to yesterday. They also has a game 'tween the Colts and Indianapolis this past Thursday, but today is the major game day for this beginnin' week's games.

Is there anyone who takes Canadian Football seriously? Now, Aussie rules, that is serious football!

[UPDATE: Well, the first group of televised games are over and I am pleased with the results in the games between Detroit/Chicago; Wash/Tampa Bay; NYJ/Cincinnati; Cleveland/Baltimore; & Pittsburgh/Oakland and displeased with the scores in the games between Seattle/New Orleans; Jacksonville/Buffalo; St. Louis/Arizona; San Diego/Houston. Next up is the Cowboys @ Minnesota. Any guesses as for which team I'll be rootin'? I'll also be pullin' for NYG over Philadelphia; Kansas City over Denver; Atlanta over San Francisco; and want to see Green Bay defeat Carolina in the Monday Night game. Jes' to fill in the record, I was pleased with the result in Tennessee/Miami and displeased with the result in New England/Indianapolis. Now, lest anyone think I am pickin' here, this is jes' my picks on who I would like to see prevail in such games, and not necessarily my picks on who I believed would win the game.]
[UPDATE TWO: Dallas was really impressin' me for most of the first half, then it looked like the Vikings were takin' off and gonna blow the Cowboys away, bein' up by 11 points at the half, but then ol' Vinnie Testaverde showed ever'one he still knew how to throw the bomb. The Dallas offense seems to have the ability to move the ball, jes' have the same incapability of findin' a way to get that ball across the goal line. - Still - Dallas has done much better than I thought they would.]
[UPDATE THREE: Well, the game is over, and, as I suspected, Dallas lost. I expected the defense to have done a better job, but then again, they seemed to have played very mistake free. Minnesota had the most explosive offense last year and seem to not have lost a step. Dante Culpepper peppered the receivers with five touchdown passes. It looks like a long week ahead for Flozell Adams, who had two holdin' penalties and one illegal procedure jump durin' the game. Ya can bet that the Tuna is gonna have a fit 'bout that! 'Cept for the Adams penalties, I thought the couple of turn overs had more to do with great defensive play by the Vikings rather than sloppy play by the Cowboys players. It is hard to like a loss by the Cowboys, but I ain't 'spected them to win them all. At least they didn't play embarrassin'ly, like they had been doin' for several years before Jerry Jones pulled his head outta you know where and laid the future of the team in Bill Parcell's hands.

Now, the SF/Atlanta game was excitin', wasn't it. The Eagles did to the Giants what the Vikings did to the Cowboys. I ain't got cable and ain't findin' the ESPN game bein' played on any of the local channels, so guess that ends my personal observations about the happenin's 'round the NFL on this major Game Day of Week No. 1.]

Posted by Tiger at September 12, 2004 01:17 PM

Canadian football is clearly superior to the NFL. We're also better at hockey...Sorry about the World Cup, Olympics, etc ;-)

Posted by: Gir at September 12, 2004 07:29 PM

Ask Gir to explain the CFL free-throw to you sometime.

Posted by: Victor at September 13, 2004 02:21 PM