September 13, 2004

Sometimes ya gotta put forth a bit of effort to get ever'thin' to fall into place

Well, the trial did not go, and, despite the amount of time I spent gettin' ready for the trial, I again was paid a lot less than I likely deserved. I sometimes wonder if people out there realize there are likely a lot of lawyers out there makin' less money than a Walmart Associate, but then again, I really have no idea how much a Walmart Associate makes. I know I sure ain't makin' as much money as most people think I am makin', in accordance to all the requests I get from different places askin' for money donations.

I did spend a bit of time gettin' a bit of necessary paperwork together so I could go and talk to a couple of my clients sittin' in jail to get them ready for court on Friday. I was doin' a bit of necessary legwork so as to let ever'one know I had to be in two different towns for court on the same day. I therefore had to inform the court, the prosecutor's office, and I felt it was only fair to let my clients know why they were likely gonna be sittin' in court all mornin' Friday awaitin' my arrival without me makin' a show until sometime after lunch.

Anyway, the new template and css file are slowly startin' to come together. I will hopefully find time somewhere tomorrow to get the three different blogrolls back up, so anyone who fell down a level in the NZB Ecosystem due to my missing link to your blog, tomorrow, you will likely be able to jump right back up to Slimy Snake or Rascally Rat or whatever.

I awoke a bit early, as I knew I would so as to be in court on time this mornin'. Now I am yawnin' to such a degree I am grateful there are no flyin' bugs in the immediate area. My navel looks tired as well. I suppose it is only logical that I head for bed. The navel seconds the motion. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 13, 2004 10:39 PM