September 14, 2004

A quick snapshot into my real life

I might have mentioned that they have been doin' road work in front of my house for like weeks now. Today was the day they were to start on redoin' my drive that got destroyed in the street cut, although, I have been able to get in and out via the temporary gravel ramp. I took the followin' picture with my phone camera, so the resolution is not great.


They actually had to form done and the drive poured by the time lunch had come around, but a surprise rain storm caused some washin' of the top layer of the concrete and they had to resurface it so as it make it match the other entrances they had done yesterday, like the one directly across the street which allows entry into the parkin' lot of one of the local schools.

I put the marker showin' all the dirt that covers my sidewalk from the continuous dirt bein' dug up by my dogs, Comanche and Duke, as they work industriously to find every escape route out of their yard confinement. While the workers were busily reworkin' the surface of my drive and several others, I was doin' some work along that fence line so as to make the dog's ability to escape along said portion more difficult. One of the road workers had promised to dump some excess concrete into the holes which were resultant from the dog's efforts, but I think such excess concrete had to be used in the resurfacin' efforts followin' the rain.

As for the remainder of the evenin', I got one of my systems hoggin' my bandwidth in an attempt to download Windows XP SP2. As such, I 'spect I will not be bloggin' much 'til such task is completed. However, if you are lost for somethin' to do, you can always leave a comment 'bout what you think of the new cleaner lines of this blog. I 'spect that the css file is 90% complete and the main index is 75% complete. I am sure I have some tinkerin' to do with some of the other indexes, the biggest part bein' somethin' that I had wanted to do a long long time ago, which is to add category indications to archived posts. Anyway, toodles for a few hours. Hopefully, with my not usin' any bandwidth in any other capacity, this download will be completed in time to allow me to make my popular report on a timely basis.

Posted by Tiger at September 14, 2004 05:52 PM