September 15, 2004

Always eager to be the most prepared hostess as possible

Knowin' 'zactly how hard it is to prepare both a Thanksgivin' Day and Christmas feast for a bunch of hungry institutionalized women, Martha Stewart, looking quite disheveled,* plead to the judge to allow her to enter into prison as soon as possible so that she could begin preparations for the Holiday Season.

I may have to design and sew costumes for 3 or 4 hundred women in order to have the sort of Halloween Party that the Federal Prison Camp in in Danbury, Connecticut has never seen. I understand that it will be hard to top the one that was underwritten by Babs Streisand last year.

*Martha again shows she has the knack to be able to fit into any possible group, if one jes' pays attention to the small details. Note how she has styled her hair in that looks like it needs to be badly brushed style craved by most women in prison, and how she has donned a outfit of drab lifeless colors so as to blend in with what one is likely to find in a penal institution. Martha has asked to be confined to an institution that does not require dressin' in horizontal stripes, as such tend to make her look fat. Posted by Tiger at September 15, 2004 11:53 AM