September 15, 2004

The ebb and flow of concern 'bout things

I was jes' over checkin' out new Munuvian 3 Legged Dog* and happened to see that

I'm a
Flappy Bird
in the
TTLB Ecosystem
over on the column, and it made me think that I have forgotten to add my modified Ecosytem scripty on my new template, but then, I thought to myself that I have been a Large Animal Mammal just below the top 500 for so long now without any major upward or downward movement that I have ceased to really care all that much about regularly checkin' my Ecosystem placement. I really care as much about that as I do about not havin' been blogrolled by Glenn Reynolds despite my havin' blogged continuously for over 18 months now.**

~~interlude: I actually composed and posted the small blurb jes' below while I was busy searchin' for the necessary links to do this one~~

*I ain't real sure how long this blog has been on the munu roll, but I am thinkin' this is the first time I have rolled across it.

**I have actually wondered, however, why I have not been added to the list of friends of Silflay Hraka.

Posted by Tiger at September 15, 2004 05:04 PM

The wife will tell you that if you wait for me to notice things, you will wait a long time indeed.

Posted by: Bigwig at September 18, 2004 06:36 PM