September 15, 2004

A lot of that but very little of this

I am watchin' a local weatherman who keeps showin' some palm tree in Panama City, FL to show how hard the wind is blowin'. He actually asked the camera man to get off the previous palm upon which the camera was affixed 'cause most of its his word: "leaves" had been blown off. It seems that he and the cameraman had looked around for a more resilient palm to display for the viewers here in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex in North Texas. The newscasters are also sayin' that rooms in the area are already gettin' really scarce as the refugees find themselves travelin' further and further this way lookin' for a vacancy. I was plannin' on reurgin' any bloggers needin' a place to stay to contact me, but it appears that my cell phone has decided it is too close to the hurricane and gone somewhere else.*

I love Bill Parcells. The guy is hilarious! Reporter asked him if this week's game is "a must win game." His response is, "Yeah, it is. And so is the one the week after next, and if we win either of those, then the one the next week is one also. And if we get to week 5 and still haven't won a game, that one will be one too." O' course, until I see him servin' cones at the DQ, he ain't ever gonna be as colorful as Mark Cuban. Ya'll do know he has a blog, too, right? Whatcha lookin' for? His link is over there ---------->

It is so so humid. It's a pity, but I am hopin' the weatherman is right and once this hurricane gets on shore, it will suck a cool front through here that won't cool nuthin' down but will wipe out this humidity.

Oh, crud, Friends is on. I couldn't follow that show after they quit showin' that Janice gal that used to be involved with Chandler. I was actually thinkin' of followin' Joey, 'cause the promos were so funny. I missed the initial episode and hadn't thought anythin' 'bout it 'til I overheard someone sayin' somethin' 'bout it. I figgered I would get their review, since the topic was open and they tol' me that they showed all the good parts in the promo. I see a lot of movies that use that treatment. I almost always feel cheated. I guess I won't be watchin' Joey.

My navel is so anal! It has actually gone off somewhere to search for my cell phone. End of report.

Ya'll jes' thought I had gone off somewhere else, didn't ya?

I forgot to ask ya'll some somethin'. I seriously had a need for this information earlier today, but I developed a severe brain fart in the maritime history department. Is Vitamin C a preventative for rickets or scurvy?

Oops, still here, after all!

Still surfin' those who are hard at work puttin' up all those great recently published posts, and ran across this. I ain't been over to visit Andrea for a long while and forgot how deliciously snarky she can be.

OK, OK, I am goin' to bed after this one . . . I promise!

This is jes' way too cute.

*Naw, jes' pullin' your leg. I think I left it on my desk at the office.

Posted by Tiger at September 15, 2004 10:14 PM