September 16, 2004

A hunka hunka burnin' neurons

I awoke this mornin' with a sinus headache. I blew my nose, which set off a nosebleed. Nuthin' a wad of toilet tissue shove up a nostril won't fix sooner or later. I took sinus tablets and the headache subsided. No, I don't still have that toilet tissue stuck up my nose. I safely disposed of that blood soaked evidence* long ago. The headache seems to be returnin'

I have actually been in contact with a couple of different professionals with regard to my book. I am gettin' so close to really bein' ready to turn over this project, but some part of me says that I need to go through it one more time. It seems that part of me is an anally retentive perfectionist. Who woulda thunk it? Actually, any of ya'll that have watched me publish, then edit, republish, edit again, republish again, edit once again, republish once again, then sit around for three days before seein' me edit one more time because I found some minor misspellin' on various posts I have posted to this blog might have already had some clue about such. It does seem, however, that such condition only applies to certain aspects of my activity. When it comes to housekeepin', the consensus is that I am about as far from an anally retentive perfectionist as a person could be.

It does make one wonder, does it not? Can a navel be anally retentive? Is this the right time? I think it is. End of report.

*It was solely evidence of a bloody nose, nothin' more.

Posted by Tiger at September 16, 2004 11:36 PM