September 19, 2004

That strange weekend cycle strikes again

One of the strangest things about the way my life goes is that all durin' the week, when I have things to do, it seems so hard to get up and out, but when I have a weekend with nothin' of any importance planned, I awake before dawn. Thereafter, I spend the day searchin' for excitement, and oft, by 8:00 pm* find I am so worn out from my fruitless search that I literally fall asleep from exhaustion. I did so last night, sittin' right here in my chair, watchin' Horatio's Road Trip on PBS.

I blame such events on my navel. End of report.

*There was a time when I was younger, a'fore I developed the Buddha belly and lost my hair, and, when I still flagrantly indulged in the rampant imbibin' of alcoholic beverages amongst crowds of like-minded individuals that I would like jes' be beginnin' the day's entertainment at 8:00 pm.

Posted by Tiger at September 19, 2004 06:36 AM