September 19, 2004

Of BBQ, friends and a bunch o' Cowboys limpin' into the doghouse

Hmmm, seems that famous blog celebrity, Birthday boy Zane, and along with his accompanyin' bodyguards, that bein' his lovin' mother and father, ended up in my driveway earlier today. I ain't too sure how long they had been standin' there. I was alerted to some somethin' or other was goin' do to the ruckus comin' from my two dog security system and went to see what was causin' all the alarm and there they were standin' right next to my car at the end of the driveway. 'Tweren't like really a surprise to see 'em, as I had known they were gonna be campin' in the area, but I figgered they would call to let me know they were in town. They admitted that they had wanted to do so, but the battery on the cell phone had died. Thankfully, Eric's phone is a Nokia like mine. I have several battery chargers around, so gifted him with one he could plug into his car's lighter socket. Then we all went and dined on BBQ. Zane really went for the fries, preferred ham over sliced brisket, and had his first experience with banana puddin'. He took to the puddin' right off. He wasn't too sure about findin' a bit of 'Nilla Wafer in the midst of his third bite but after gettin' over his surprise 'bout the different texture of such, he didn't find any problem the next time a bit of such was found. The same jes' could not be said for the actual banana. By continually pushin' the same bit outta his mouth four times in a row was enough to give me the idea he is not fond of such.

We all came back to the house, jes' as the Cowboys game was beginnin'. They were wantin' to get back to their camp, and, since I know they ain't even got a television in their house, I 'spect watchin' the Cowboys game was not high on their agenda. I did my best to make their trip back to their car as easy as possible. I distracted the security guards with dog biscuits while they cleared the security perimeter.barrier. I ain't gonna even tell ya'll 'bout the continued mess the lifelong road construction project is causin' in my daily travels. I was surprised they were even able to find their way here with the detours ya have to take to get anywhere close to my house.

So, I was all alone in my messy castle with the Cowboys game bein' played right in front of my eyes, but let me say I am usin' the word "played" very loosely. Vinnie Testaverde threw three interceptions within six passin' attempts. The play of the defense kept the Cowboys in this one and is gonna get the nod as why the Cowboys were able to pull the game out of the losin' column from the way the offense was tryin' so hard to give the game away. Over 100 yards in penalties will give Tuna a really big can of worms to open at the next meetin' he has with the players. I heard one of the broadcasters say somethin' 'bout Tuna promisin' not to take it easy on his 40-year-old quarterback. That was before the game was played.

My navel was quite pleased with the Cowboys win. It does not trouble itself all that much with when, where, who, why, and how of the game, just the final result. I also know it to be a fair-weather fan. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at September 19, 2004 10:40 PM

Gotta love a day that includes friends and BBQ!

Posted by: Da Goddess at September 20, 2004 01:32 AM

I love bananas, and love banana puddin', but I hate bananas in banana puddin'...I'm wierd though.

Posted by: Miss Chin at September 20, 2004 07:07 AM