September 22, 2004

Watchin' M*A*S*H reruns while ponderin' Ivan the Terrible

The composition of that headline was like . . . that, whatever that is. Actually, retrospectively, I can conceive of no good excuse for my poor use of such nice words. However, I am actually watchin' M*A*S*H while tryin' to get an updated FLASH player so that I could look at some page, the URL which I have already gotten, while watchin' the endin' of Law & Order. It commanded to close ever' other browser window open while it was doin' so, and yet is seems to keep hangin' up on me due to some security settin'. I am gonna jump through the hoops manually to get that allowed and restart the loadin' one more time. If it don't get it done this time, I will abort the whole idea. I could be usin' a much better computer with somethin' a bit better than a 28.8 modem. At least the episode goin' on in the background is the one where Father Mulcahey* got his captain's bars. In fact, the whole thing played in the time I took to compose this very paragraph. At least that's somethin'.

Yeah, I know, ramble on and on, refusin' to go away despite ever'one's wish that I would do so, kinda like Ivan the Terrible which is reemergin' phoenix-like so as to rain additional havoc and devastation upon the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. I guess though, about as close to a hurricane as I can get is to continually keep blowin' hot air despite the fact that the whole crowd jes' wishes I would blow off.

The navel is quite embarrassed to be associated with any of the truly inane readin' material above. However, to tell ya the truth, seriously, What's a navel to do? End of report.

[UPDATE: The download did not take again, so, as sadly as it might be to do so, in accordance to the promise I made, such is hereby aborted for the rest of this day.]

*I am not sure of the spellin' and not inclined to go the necessary effort to become so.

Posted by Tiger at September 22, 2004 10:45 PM