September 25, 2004

Is it ever too late* to make your report?

Maybe. Maybe, if you report too late, no one will be interested. O' course, who thought there would be so much interest shown in the book I discussed earlier this week. Then, again, ain't it kinda interestin' t discover there is a site that actually spiders through people's blogs jes' to see how many are mentionin' books? I wonder if it is limited to books that are listed on

So, what is my excuse for the lateness of this report, you wanna know. I ain't really sure I have an excuse, jes' as I don't really have any excuse as to why I didn't accomplish anythin' I had planned to do yesterday, either. I think I am gonna have to blame it all on my navel, as it demanded way too much of my attention yesterday. I seemed to have spent the better part of the day gazin' at such spot in the midst of my Buddha belly in an attempt to discover a purpose for my mundane existence. It was a good waste of my time, as I didn't arrive at an answer to my questions regardin' the purpose of my life. End of report.

*O' course, thankfully, bein' in charge of the actual publication of said report does have its perks: ya can always change** the date and time of the publication of your report.

**I did not, however, do so in this case.

Posted by Tiger at September 25, 2004 04:38 PM