September 28, 2004

Poe Poor Eeeeee!* or somethin' smells funny**

Strange day. I seem to have hit the Top 40 list on DayPOP some time about noon my time. Too cool, but by the time I make such discovery, I have no way of knowin' which post of mine hit the big time. If I had to guess, I would pick this one. Not 'cause it is the most newsworthy, but 'cause it is the one that deals with you know what. If'n ya don't, jes' think of the most reprehensible thing a group of large terrorists could do to one or two people that does not involve anythin' but a sharp scimitar. I actually regret that the most popular post on this blog is one where I was jes' commentin' on all the searchin' bein' done by a bunch of people to get their chance to actually personally witness the event themselves by watchin' the evidence supposedly provided by those who claimed to be responsible for the act. O' course, I have also heard often enough that life ain't fair. I been believin' that supposed little piece of wisdom to be true since I discovered that some people seemed to be born with a better future than I could 'spect to have. I mean, it ain't like I am Prince Charles or someone like that. Then ag'in, once you get used to it, life ain't all that bad and ya can be thankful ya ain't got Chuck's ears.

On the local news: the story of a life-size plastic Jesus found floatin' down the Rio Grande River at Eagle Pass. It is bein' held without bail at the city jail. A flurry of religious folks are beginnin' their pilgrimages so as to coincide with normal visitin' hours. One of the local police officers commented that God had brought it there for some reason. They plan on holdin' Jesus for a week awaitin' someone to come in and make a bona fide claim b'fore sellin' him to the highest bidder at public auction. Brings to the mind that line about God workin' in miraculous ways. Fair use required no usage of George.

Funniest thing I have seen in a long time. On Leno, ending to last night's 60 Minutes II:

If you would like a forged transcript of tonight's show, please send a counterfeit $5 bill to [address].
Kudos to whoever thunk that one up!

My navel has requested to be officially disassociated with this post for political reasons. I am a bit unsure what that means, but I have learned it absolutely does one not a single scintilla*** of good to argue with one's navel. End of report.

*alternate spellin': pot pouri.

**I'll let you decide about it, but I think it smells a bit rotten myself. I saw some evidence of a Dane**** havin' recently been in the area.

***Three years of law school and I know what the word scintilla means. It seems that my education was not wasted, after all.

****Claim your own Kudos for figgerin' out the basis for that seemin'ly inane reference.

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