October 28, 2004


As if! I am puttin' my money on the alien conspiracy theory.

Found: here. Indeed! Go - there's more!

*Yeah, I know, my Glenn Reynolds impression really sucks. So, sue me! I know a good lawyer** if ya need one. Actually, Glenn can't do me, either. No one can!

**Ta be a bit more accurate, I think that in most people's minds, good lawyers are a lot like unicorns, pixies, and anyone connected with the John Kerry campaign capable of actually tellin' the truth,*** people go around claimin' they exist, but no one has come forward with any solid documentary evidence to actually prove it.

***See how I artfully placed another jab at Lurch in a post havin' nothin' to do with the current Presidential campaign. Who says I ain't no artful blogger.****

****I thought that last bit was a bit punny, didn't you? 'Course, I 'spose I must be the most unrecognized artful blogger in the blogosphere from the number of comments and trackbacks I have seen of late.

Posted by Tiger at October 28, 2004 08:14 PM