November 24, 2004

It's best to scratch while the bite is still fresh

For some reason, I started havin' playin' through my mind a lot of dialogue between the characters in my trilogy project: Alien Attitudes. The first book, Alura Allen, Alien at Large, is substantially completed and in the process of bein' published. Hopefully, it should be comin' out right after the first of the year. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR DETAILS! Anyway, a moment or two ago, this line popped onto the page:

If he is you and you are he, then how can you be a she and he be a he?
It's jes' a teaser folks, and Alura's strange question will most likely be a part of the second book, if it makes it all the way through my psychotic-driven highly anal editin' process. Right now, I am awaitin' Brin's response.

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