November 26, 2004

T'Day revisited due to a pair of exquisitely worthwhile discoveries

Well it seems that Jim Turner of the blog simply known as Genuine sent me a notice of his wonderful Thanksgivin' related post after I had shut down for the evenin', but I read it and found it to be so eloquently composed and filled with such a worthwhile message. Please have a look at: GENUINE: Thankfulness Defined. You'll be glad you did!

Additionally, Denita has penned a wonderful post recountin' the Thanksgivin' Feast at Chez TwoDragons, located in an out of the way corner of the burgeonin' metropolis of Tinyville, Texas. Who Tends the Fires: Gratuitous Avian Carnage at House TwoDragons. Now, seriously, ain't that title, alone, jes' drippin' with the flavor of succulent leftovers?

Now, amuse yourselves for awhile with some of the other fine entries you will find below, as I am gonna go bury myself in that vintage Sci-Fi Classic: 2001, A Space Odyssey. It seems Arthur C. Clarke's vision of the future was as far off, time-wise, as was that of 1984's author, George Orwell.

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