December 04, 2004

It's as evident as the hair on a woodland hare

The rumors that Madfish had died were severely premature, but the rumors that he tells the most George-awful jokes are quickly provin' to be true.

In other, and completely unrelated, news, Frank J hints that he has somethin' big to announce. My own 'spicion is that he is gonna finally admit that has fallen deeply and madly in love with that life-size cut-out of Big Ethyl he recently bought on Ebay usin' profits from his illicit "Nuke the Moon" shirt sales and merely wants to invite us all to the impendin' nuptials.

[Addin' more crap to this post jes' 'cause it is Saturday and no one is readin'* anyway: Cracker Barrel Philosopher relates the interestin' back story behind that strange accident during rush-hour traffic Thursday morning on I-5 near Ridgefield, Washington.]

[Addin' another: Drumwaster is shocked by the utter ineptitude displayed the French Gendarmes. Wonder what cave he has been livin' in. ;)]

*What? Ya swear ya have been readin' my crap? Well ya sure ain't said nuthin' 'bout what ya thunk of it.

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Don't knock the jokes... that one's my favorite joke of all time!

Posted by: Madfish Willie at December 5, 2004 11:09 AM