January 06, 2005

Kill Bill Still ill

Well, I tossed and turned all night, limped through court this mornin' and am back home to get a bit more rest. It was 22 degrees this mornin' and my house is cold, cold, cold, but I did do what I said I was gonna do. I stopped by Walmart and bought one of those hot oil radiators and have it heatin' up my bedroom as I am sittin' here in my full length leather coat in the ol' home office typin' this up. I am still in the midst of movin' stuff in and reorganizin' the rooms so as to work from home now. Gettin' sick was not in my plans, though. I jes' feel like the proverbial dog feces stuck on the bottom of you shoe. No matter what ya do, how hard ya try, ya jes' cannot shake it. It will stick 'round 'til it is ready to go away, or until it dries up and flakes off. Either way, I am headin' back to the warmth I feel under that double layer of goose down.

Posted by Tiger at January 6, 2005 01:53 PM