January 07, 2005

Eight minute deadline

Doin' a kamikaze laundry assault, where ever' piece of clothin', sheets, towels, whatever, which are not hangin' on a hanger or put away in a drawer are bein' washed, dried, and properly stowed away, 'cept this and that item that find themselves worthy of bein' completely discarded for some reason or 'nother ... which, by the way, with my proclivity of findin' almos' ever'thin' still has some use or 'nother, it is not often anythin' 'cept frozen-food wrappin's and paper towels finds its way into my trashcans. Although it is somethin' my own mother used to do, I still refuse to convert a worn-out pair of underwear into use as a dishrag. Well, that was the bell. Time to take the clothes outta the washer, throw them in the dryer, throw another load in the washer, and start another full cycle goin'.

Posted by Tiger at January 7, 2005 03:38 PM