January 31, 2005

A Probable Prognostication

Yesterday I was having a little too much fun with the OTB™ Fun with Fiction Contest. Tig told me that I had sent in enough entries and needed to quit.

The goal is to change one letter of a book title so as to give the story an entirely new meaning. After the altered title, offer a one or two sentence explanation of the new story.
But this morning I thought of another one that I wanted to share with you:
The Greatest Story Ever Sold - The story of famous author Terence A. (Tiger) Russell, whose publication of the short story "Snakedance" drew national attention to his talents. Subsequently, his Alien Attitudes™ trilogy, which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2006, was made into trio blockbuster movies.
This book will be written in 2007 by Moona, president of his fan club.

[The basis of a motivational seminar which I attended a few years ago was that if you visualize the results that you want, you are likely to achieve them.]

Posted by Susan R at January 31, 2005 08:54 AM