February 08, 2005

It might be time to phone Kenesaw

It seems that Canseco's new book has caused more commotion in the baseball world than occurred when he assisted the 1919 ChiSox to throw the World Series.

[Addendum: It just occurred to me that with all of the talk about "Shoeless" Joe Jackson and Pete Rose not being allowed into Baseball's Hall of Fame, that maybe it is time to erect Baseball's Hall of Shame where we could induct the culprits of the Black Sox incident, Pete Rose, all the steroid freaks they cull out of the ranks, and I suppose Jose Canseco himself would deserve a place for assisting Carlos Martinez of the Indians to score a homerun off of his own team, the 1993 Texas Rangers, by giving the ball a header, ala futbol, into the bleachers:
I thought I had it. I was twisting around like this. It grazed my glove, hit me on the head, and bounced over. I'll be on ESPN for about a month. - Jose Canseco.]

Posted by Tiger at February 8, 2005 12:04 PM