February 10, 2005

Big news afloat on the other side of The Big Pond

Prince Chuckie of Wales has finally decided to lawfully formalize his relationship with Camilla Bowles. Royal watchers are likely aware that Chuckie has been sniffing up Camilla's skirt for years and years. Although the linked story paints a lighter back story, it is actually believed that Chuck was carrying on an affair with this very same wretched skank prior to his storybook wedding to Princess Di and that his continued behind-closed-door dalliances with the other woman eventually doomed that very same marriage. The news report* states that everyone from H.R.H. Elizabeth II to P.M. Tony Blair are ecstatic over the news. It is believed that most subjects of the royal family are hopeful the reigning Queen survives her son so that Prince William becomes the next Queen.

*I originally heard this story on the radio. The above link to the Yahoo rendition of the AP story was harvested from OTB.

Posted by Tiger at February 10, 2005 02:01 PM