March 01, 2005

Yikes, I went out before I read my horoscope!

Your Tuesday, March 1, 2005 Horoscope Taurus!

Comfort can be found at home. The outside world is a slightly aggressive place today. Your usual social skills will be out of synch with the pace of things. The familiar offers respite.

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It depends upon where you look for your horoscope. Here's anoher one for today:
April 19 - May 19
Perhaps you have noticed that you are not in the position you deserve to be at work. If you were counting on doing something about this situation today dear Taurus, there could be a great deal of tension all around you. You are a competent, productive person, and people have started to notice you. It seems that nothing could stop you. But be very careful of those who may be jealous of your success. You need a plan, fast!

Posted by: Moona at March 1, 2005 01:19 PM