March 08, 2005

A phone's eye view of The Real World®

One of the biggest local controversies in my local area concerns this building:

This picture* does not do justice to the florescence of the orange coating or that of the lime green trim. Despite having yet opened, those I have overheard already discussing the establishment consider the new business to be an eye-sore. I, in my unique way of looking at things, can only assess the building's landmark value. On a popular scenic alternative route between the DFW Metroplex and Hill County, a regular multitude of travelers stream through our little town without realizing that actual dinosaur tracks exist here to be seen, that a nuclear power plant exists just a short way away, or that the local area has a quite colorful past. Hopefully, however, though, they'll soon be gossiping about the little town with the florescent orange and lime green Mexican restaurant. Although the sign is not yet in place and the business' name is unknown, could anything have gotten them more attention than a thoroughly atrocious paint job?

*Poor quality is because I used the camera on my cell phone to take the picture.

Posted by Tiger at March 8, 2005 11:34 AM | TrackBack

How could people see bright colors as an eye sore? The biggest eye sore we face in the Portland, Oregon is keeping huge Wal Mart super centers out of our town. Huge buildings with even bigger parking lots, now that's a true eye sore!

Posted by: Paul Sepp at March 8, 2005 12:36 PM
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