March 10, 2005

It's madness I tell ya, utter madness ...

Buddha BellyI really sank a good deal of creative spirit into last night's production. To witness the lack of utter adulation notice given to my efforts really dulls my chi, if a chi is what I think it is. A dull chi produces dull reports. Oh well, at least I have a funny joke for the Friday Joke Funny™ for tomorrow, so be sure to drop in sometime tomorrow so as to begin your weekend with a chuckle.

Oh, and feel free to add your comments, as often as you'd like. It's surely better than getting shot by your cat? I'm not joking, here. I am Tiger, after all, and being a very large cat, I have some sway over the smaller kitties of the domestic variety. In a recent well-attended global summit conference, it was decided that some of us cats are not getting our fair share of attention. cat with gun.jpgAs one of the largest and, if I may speak freely, smartest cats in attendance, I made provisions that extra special attention would be paid to my particular problem: Attention Deficit Disorder, i.e., an extreme lack of proper attention from you. An understanding was reached. Things have got to change. Start watching the news for bizarre stories involving people and their cats. People will be quite surprised when they start getting offed by their own cats, I tell you. Mark my word, friends ... the plan's already in effect. Every cat in every corner of the world has agreed to take part in the movement. Blog reading habits are going to be monitored a bit more closely. Special emphasis is being given to make sure Read My Lips gets a "sufficient amount of your attention." The actual parameters of sufficient amount of attention are a little vague. Some of the really frisky kitties did appear to have an extremely itchy trigger claw. My advice: if you are in front of a computer, be reading Read My Lips. Comment! Beware the cats ... they are watching you. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at March 10, 2005 11:30 PM | TrackBack

Dude your Texas blogfest trips me out. I keep thinking you haven't posted anything new. LOL

Posted by: Raven at March 11, 2005 07:55 AM
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