March 13, 2005

Blogging for Books #9

This month's Blogging for Books exercise turned out to be quite a strenuous ordeal for me. The scenario was to write about an event in one's life in the style of your favorite author. I do not like any of them enough to choose one over the other, except .. well, of course, The Word of God. Then there is the part about sharing details about events in one's life. I seem to have too few that are remarkable enough to discuss that are not also too embarrassing to publicly share. [*]

I finally settled on the following. It is a short description of my arrest while in college written in the style of The Bible, King James Version:

Book of Tiger, Chapter 3

     12. And it came to pass that Tiger left his father's house to go forth in search of a wife. 13. And, in the land of Arlington, during the reign of Reagan, Tiger dwelt in the House of Noel. 14. In the grand temples of knowledge by day and in the marketplace in the evening, Tiger grew to be a man. 15. Then, one evening, upon returning from market, a visitor appeared at the door and asked comfort to await the arrival of a friend.
     16. Tiger allowed this visitor into the House of Noel. 17. And the stranger spoke with Tiger. He offered a strange wrapped incense to Tiger. 18. And then he bade Tiger to burn the stick. The stranger spoke, Inhale its vapors deeply. 19. And Tiger inhaled. His spirits lifted and his vision cleared.
     20. And soldiers had followed the stranger to the House of Noel. Soldiers entered to arrest Tiger and his visitor. 21. Intoxicating incense was banned in the region. The stranger was shown to be a smuggler of the substance and, had hidden a large cache within the House of Noel. 22. A stern magistrate confronted Tiger with serious charges.
     23. And Tiger trembled and prayed. Another magistrate intervened and spoke kindly. 24. Go forth with my servant and learn from his guidance. Come not before me again. 25. Tiger dreampt often of the intoxicating incense of the House of Noel.

*If it had not been out of respect for the recent dead, I would have written about my dog taking a dump in the style of Hunter S. Thompson.

Posted by Tiger at March 13, 2005 05:23 PM | TrackBack

Let it be known that Tiger went forth to become an eloquent scribe.

Posted by: redsaid at March 14, 2005 12:28 AM

I am eagerly awaiting that dog-dump post la HST. Hell, if you don't write it, I just might... :-)

Posted by: Elisson at March 14, 2005 04:39 PM

7. And lo, Nino was directed to read from the Book of Tiger and report back to the other scribes what had been written there.
8. Nino read the words in the Book of Tiger
9. and they were good.
10. Nino, went thus back to the scribes and told them that they too should read from the Book of Tiger.

Posted by: Jim at March 14, 2005 10:59 PM

This is good! I feel spiritually enlightened!

Posted by: Goldie at March 15, 2005 03:32 PM

LOL! Great entry in Blogging for Books! I hope you write the Thompson-esque incident soon.

Posted by: Lilly at March 17, 2005 12:53 AM

THis is good. Liked it very much and thought it was a creative idea.

Posted by: achromic at March 18, 2005 01:36 PM