March 26, 2005

I have an excuse -- a really good one

I arrived home last evening from my impromptu road trip to Oklahoma raring to post the epitome of epiphanies that popped into my head along my route. It was a million dollar idea. Driving along, of course, I could not write it down, so I asked my companion, whose memory is renown, to remind me of it at a later time. When the time came to regurgitate my bright idea and place it electronically upon these pages for all to see, it had concealed itself in one of the myriad of dark places in my memory banks. My friend, as well, had no inkling of it, either.

I refused to give up and thought if I could only lay back and close my eyes, it would come to me. The Sandman had different ideas. Alas, awakened with a fresh mind, I have no recollection of great parts of yesterday. I doubt I'll ever dredge up whatever it was that I lost.

Of course, the loss of a grand idea was not the extent of my bad luck yesterday. See, the only purpose of the trip was to see Turner Falls.

However, road construction and the millions of idiots who fail to understand that racing to the point where you have to merge into the one lane of traffic causes that whole line to stop so that you can squeeze in, slowed the whole process of getting across the Red River on I-35 to a crawl. It took an hour and a half to travel ten miles. By the time we got to Turner Falls, it was much too dark to observe anything but one's hand in front of one's face, despite the full moon. Yep, it seemed the overcast sky took care of that, as well.

Always one to see the silver lining in the cloud, I recalled passing a casino or two, and thought, heck, as long as I am here, I might as well try my hand at some live Texas Holdem and see if I was really as good as I thought I was. Well, I experienced a major run of bad luck where poker was concerned. It seems that they don't play poker in casinos in Oklahoma. One concierge did state that they planned on having it as early as May. I told him we'd likely have gambling in Texas by that time.

There was naught to do but come home with my poker itch unscratched. I guess I'll have to try to drum up another game down in my basement.

My navel really enjoyed the trip to Oklahoma. It is so materialistic that it only desired a souvenir of some sort. I bought it a rubber tomahawk at a Truck Stop. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at March 26, 2005 10:57 AM

What kind of fun can a navel really have with a rubber tomahawk?
Sorry your little excursion didn't turn out as planned, but well, that's life. Expecting any more was just plain stupid of you. Sorry to have called you stupid, but I haven't had an crack yet today, and I'm a little moody.

Posted by: Jay at March 26, 2005 04:53 PM

Happy Easter!

Posted by: Susie at March 27, 2005 09:18 AM