April 12, 2005

Sharing some news about old, really old, stuff

A team of Japanese genetic scientists aims to bring woolly mammoths back to life and create a Jurassic Park-style refuge for resurrected species .... The team of scientists,... aim to revive the Ice Age plant-eaters, 10,000 years after they went extinct.

Their plan: to retrieve sperm from a mammoth frozen in tundra, use it to impregnate an elephant, and then raise the offspring in a safari park in the Siberian wild. The preserve, dubbed Pleistocene Park, could feature not only mammoths, but also extinct species of deer, woolly rhinoceroses, and even saber-toothed cats, he said. - source

I'd rather they worked on resurrecting species whose extinction was closer to now than the beginning of time. How about a few dodos and Tasmanian tigers first, huh?

For news dealing with something closer to home, my home, that is, check out the extended entry.

The Glen Rose Trackway is a series of fossilized dinosaur footprints left some 107 million years ago at the edge of a lagoon. Excavated from the bed of the Paluxy River, near the town of Glen Rose in central Texas, the trackway gives a picture of dinosaurs that in some ways is more striking than that offered by fossils. - source
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