April 12, 2005

The difference between woodpeckers and peckerwoods

Woodpeckers peck on wood whereas peckerwoods dream of doing something -- anything, that is -- that would bring them any kind of attention. Did you understand that this time, peckerwood?

this report stinks
I didn't think so. Well, I am too tired to sit here and explain it all night like last time, so just sit there with you thumb up your ass and contemplate.

Do what? You don't understand what contemplate means? Heck, its only three syllables. George, but you are really a peckerwood, did you know that?

My navel wishes to disassociate itself from this post, but I was a bit too lazy to take the word Navel out of the category. It's just going to have to live with the reference, I suppose. Just like ya'll peckerwoods will have to live with the shame of being a peckerwood, right? Now get out of there, you peckerwoods. End of report.

Posted by Tiger at April 12, 2005 11:53 PM

Don't they make booger boards out of peckerwood?

Posted by: Raven at April 13, 2005 03:28 AM

The thing about your comments is that they've stopped remembering who I am, and I am way too lazy to punch it in every time. You've seem my damn email address - it's a doozy!

Posted by: Jay at April 13, 2005 04:46 AM

If you have your thumb up your ass, why not play a game of "Switch." Put your other thumb in your mouth and, on the count of five, switch. That should cause a nice diversion and give you something else to contemplate.

Posted by: Zaboon at April 13, 2005 08:37 AM