April 15, 2005

I knew somthing was wrong

4-15-05 biorhythm.gif
I really didn't think that there was anything to biorhythms. Now I'm not so sure.

I felt that there was something wrong as soon as I awoke this morning. The neurons in my brain just didn't seem to be connecting right. In fact, I could feel a headache coming on. I hit the snooze more times than I intended, finally sleeping through the last alarm. I was an hour late getting up. Then, of course, my hair would not cooperate, and what I wanted to wear was wrinkled. Finally, when opened my contact lens case, I found that I had apparently dropped one of my lenses when I was storing them last night. It was the last disposable lense I had left.

When I arrived at the Meals on Wheels headquarters, where I am the director, I found that my assistant, who needed to leave early for a doctor's appointment, was having trouble finding a substitute for a delivery route and would have to leave to deliver the route herself.

As the other volunteers, started coming in from their routes, one had been a meal short. The next volunteer coming in had had an extra meal, so I begged him to take the meal to the lady who had not received hers. Then the phone rang, and a woman in the neighboring town where we have a satellite office had received a bag of liquid nutritional supplements instead of her meal. She said that since she was overweight and diabetic, she didn't think that these were intended for her. It seems that the substitute in the neigboring town should have delivered this to another lady down the street from her.

Just a moment ago, my assistant left for her doctor's appointment. She always does the order for the next day. Guess what -- she forgot!

I can hardly wait to see what the remainder of the day has in store. I will be glad when my biorhythms are again in an upswing. But then, maybe this was just a coincidence.

Posted by Susan R at April 15, 2005 11:56 AM