June 30, 2005

Despite my very best beliefs otherwise

Despite having received an email two days ago suggesting my books had been shipped, they did not arrive either yesterday or today by express mail, as requested. As such, I'll be heading for Roswell as earlier anticipated, with only the two flawed and seriously thumbed-through copies of the very first printed version. As I'll actually have none to sell, I'll have to limit my attendance to experiencing the Annual UFO Festival and doing my very best to publicize the existence of Alien Attitudes: Alura Allen, Alien at Large.

I know it is infuriating to see me publish post after post about this subject, but I did spend the last seven years of my life on this project, so, like all ya'll proud mommas and poppas out there who continually post about your children, Alien Attitudes is the closest thing I have to having a child of my own. I am purty damn proud of it, as well. So far, I have yet heard anyone who has read my manuscript tell me I had wasted my time. In fact, most of them seem to get through it pretty quickly and tell me how much they loved it and are wanting to see Book Two and Three, as soon as possible.

To them, allow me to say that I am working on the first draft of Book Two, and am about 100 pages along. Unlike my fiasco involving getting the first book out, which was how to end it, I know how both the next two books end, it is how to get from the end of the prior book to that part I am finding a bit hard to envision at the current moment. It comes in spurts, usually a scene at a time, though sometimes an entire scene only covers three pages.

I expect that the next two books will come along much faster once I get enough sales to spread the word around and won't have to spend half my time trying to twist the arms of people to give up some of their hard earned money to see how creatively I can tell a good story. I somehow think that you'll eventually find one or two of my characters so endearing, that you two too will be wanting to see what happens in the next book.

It's a great read, I promise. You can download it for $9.03. Counting the popcorn and coke, you'd spend at least that much at the dollar movie.

I'll post from the Festival if I can access the net. I am currently seeing no obstacle to that, as the room I reserved is suppose to have some kind of connection. My travel box is wired for wireless and Ethernet. I've got a modem and access to Moona's MSN account if necessary. Not sure where I'll end up tonight, so who knows.

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