January 11, 2006

My best friend is going blind.

Duke, my faithful weeniewolf*, a loyal and constant companion for over a decade is, in his old age, losing his eyesight. I have yet to decide whether to park him by the curb with a cup to collect alms or to get him his own seeing eye dog.

*He was graciously granted the promotion from weeniedog to weeniewolf following an episode with a bear that once crossed our trail 100 or so yards to our front. Duke ferociously tugged his leash tight in his attempt to take on the huge beast in mortal combat. I quickly decided that should that bear turn in our direction, I was going to abandon my grasp on that leash's other end and let the little fellow do all he could to give me a good head start in the opposite direction. Thankfully, that bear had the good sense not to take on my little friend, and we were both able to extricate ourselves from the situation without suffering any harm.

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We had a dog, a little lhasa apso, that went blind in her old age. We also had her daughter who would walk over to her blind ma and guide her to her food. How sweet is that? And we never trained her to do it. I guess it was just love. Or instinct. Or a demanding ma. I don't know.

Posted by: buzz at January 11, 2006 03:23 PM