August 15, 2007

Fish Tree Story

In the Land of the Giants.jpg

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Do you have an opinion! pass4sureYou're so great! You 'da bomb! You are the bomb.,HP0-264Just what I thought.,000-594Stop pretending. I know you hate it. Stop pretending.,HP0-J23Get out of here! Out of my way.,MB6-509You think too much.,640-863Stop blabbering.,000-905Can't be picky (about food).,000-879How did it come to this?,000-389You don't have the right. Who do you think you are? You don't have the right to say those things.,000-874You're not yourself today.,642-586I don't want to cause any trouble.,642-975Happens all the time.,HP0-Y12So noisy..

Posted by: Meroy305 at January 10, 2009 09:31 PM

Take it back. pass4sureThere's no other way.,642-586There's no other way.,352-001What do you want!,HP0-J23See you later.,642-825I'll do whatever you want.But just don't bother me anymore.Stop picking on me.,MB7-514You haven't changed a bit.,642-144I'm doing it for you.,70-294I've organized all this information for the presentation Look not bad huh?,156-215.1help yourself.,jn0-201How did it come to this?,70-299Don't get mad. It's not worth it.,HP0-264What? What do you want? What's wrong? what do you think you are doing? what happened? what for!,70-291I didn't think I'd see you here.

Posted by: Bella459 at January 13, 2009 02:04 AM