April 04, 2003

When did they change the rules?

We are in the midst of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." I am fully behind our troops as they forge forward on the National Mission as they understand it. I applaud their bravery and I mourn their losses. I am reserving judgment, however, on whether this is a just cause or not. I will await the future to disclose whether this current action was fortunate for the oppressed or the folly of the misguided. I am alarmed, however, with the statements about the Iraqi effort in response. Wasn't it said "Everything is fair in love and WAR?" Is it not idealistic to believe you can declare war on someone and then dictate how they are to fight that war? If we condemn the Iraqis for fighting a guerrilla war, then let us condemn ourselves for doing the same when we won our freedom from the British. What was it, two decades ago that one of the most popular movies in the United States was "Red Dawn," which was a fictionalized account of the activities of one town to repel a Soviet invasion? People stood up in the aisles and clapped when the young men sniped at the heavily armed Soviet soldiers who had come to take their freedom away, and yet, these are likely the same people who are complaining about the Iraqi ambushes and snipers and guerrilla tactics. Let the Iraqis fight this war on their terms. In the end, they still lose.

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