April 05, 2003

I hate clocks

Well, daylight-saving time begins tonight, or more correctly, very early tomorrow morning. And so goes my sleep pattern. I already find it hard enough to get up in the morning, what with there being so much to do every day that I stay up so late each evening, or again, more correctly, early into the next morning, so what is the deal about finagling with the clocks? What does it change? The sun still rotates as before; the laws of physics remain unchanged. It just means that the sun is streaming through my windows a lot earlier than I would like.

What is the deal with clocks anyway? People are always asking me what time it is, like I really know? I usually look at my watch and tell them that it is whatever time appears thereon, "plus or minus five minutes." I have concluded that to be a quite accurate statement, because whenever I pass a clock or they announce the time on the radio or TV, I usually take a glance at my watch, and it is invariably set to within five minutes of whatever time was just announced.

Look at "jet lag." That entire predicament is due to clocks. When I travel, I never change my watch. When I begin to feel tired, I can look at my watch and tell it is the normal time for me to be going to bed. No matter that it may be five hours earlier where I am, it still does not change the fact that I am tired and it is the time that my body normally shuts down for its regeneration. I calculate this into my travel plans. It works for me, and I do not experience "jet lag."

Maybe I will revolt against daylight-saving time this year and not do anything with my clocks. I will just arrive an hour early for all of my appointments until they announce it is time to return the clocks back to ordinary time. It could work.

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