July 30, 2003

Sleight of hand and other inanities

No, your eyes are OK. I just changed the category for all the Rusty Rucker stuff from RIP to Rusty Rides Again. I was a bit brain dead when I was trying to think of a good category name and that one just popped into my head this morning.

I actually did see that counter flip over the 5K mark early this morning, but have no idea who won the prize for being the 5,000th visitor. Too bad, now I guess Frank will have to give that link to Susie. I was gonna point out all those grammatical mistakes Frank made in that post I linked, but I didn't want to make him angry. I still want that link, Frank, and you know I deserve it*!

*I have come to the conclusion that Frank is afraid to blogroll me as he knows most of his readers will think I am funnier than he is. Maybe I ought to paste his picture on a chicken body and display it up on my masthead.**

**Thankfully Frank does have a good sense of humor and knows this is all*** done with a humorous intent.

***Except about him needing to link me because I deserve it, now that part is serious!

Posted by Tiger at July 30, 2003 12:39 PM