July 31, 2003

the Teflon ***

OK, so yesterday was Ladies' Day. Today is the one day Tiger Hunting Season. What this means is that you are free to blame me for all the world's problems, jump down my ass for whatever reason you can think of, and can feel free to drag my name though the nasty gutters of the Blogosphere Ecosytem. I hereby await your response! Take your best shot, because for some reason my skin feels pretty thick today and I think I can take whatever anyone can dish out.

*** Hunting Season is now officially open!

[Update: It seems that John and Bill are doing their best to dent my armor plating, but sorry guys, no dents. It didn't even hurt me that you didn't track back to my post. I didn't even cry when Bill said he hates me. ;) nanner-nanner!]

Posted by Tiger at July 31, 2003 11:34 AM

Why won't sharks bite lawyers?

Professional courtesy.

Posted by: Ted Phipps at July 31, 2003 03:59 PM

Gosh, didn't even feel that one, Ted!

Best lawyer joke:

What is the rarest sight in the world?
A lawyer with his hands in his own pockets.

Posted by: Tiger at July 31, 2003 04:20 PM

You're right, I thought I was starting the avalanche. Instead I stood alone and tossed a very small pebble.

How about... hmmmm...

Tiger = Collins

mean enough for ya?

Posted by: Ted Phipps at July 31, 2003 08:16 PM

John Collins and Bill are both posting their lawyer jokes for you...you should link them...the boys need linky love today...

Posted by: Susie at July 31, 2003 08:59 PM