August 20, 2003

Baylor Bear Blues

Well, it seems the problems at Baylor continue. Already the basketball coach is in the middle of turmoil: probably going to be indicted for assisting in covering up the murder of one of his players and an investigation into NCCA infractions in association with that program. The athletic director was ready to give up his post as soon as a replacement was found, but I heard this morning he changed his mind and decided to just leave now, before a replacement was found. I have not thought of anyone with their head so far up their ass as to do a visual examination of their own prostate to take over as athletic director for the Baylor program, but I was thinking that Dennis Rodman would fit right in as the head of the basketball program. He has already shown a willingness to play loose with the rules, and it is still suspected that he was involved in that cigar boat incident on Lake Lewisville a few years ago that destroyed a poor girl's face and has been involved in covering up his involvment for years.

Posted by Tiger at August 20, 2003 08:36 AM