September 26, 2003

Another of life's imponderable mysteries

OK, I haven't gone through my site meter referrals as much as I once did, but for some reason thought I would take a gander to see who those faithful readers were than do seem to visit me on a regular basis. I came across this search done on Yahoo:

divorce AND pornography AND addiction AND visitation

Now it didn't really surprise me that I came up in the returns for such search, as the return was to one of my category archive pages, so it was likely all of those terms were in one post or another in that category. I actually did not even come up that high, being number 53. So what is the imponderable mystery, you ask? I am just always wondering what sort of person checks past the first three pages of returns on any search. But then again, maybe I am the only person in the world who believes anything past number 20 is probably really not worth even checking out anyway.

Posted by notGeorge at September 26, 2003 11:27 PM