January 14, 2004

But they are wrong day after day

Let me see, when I took that Dante's Inferno test thingy, I said I didn't believe in astrology. I don't. I mean look at today's BS:

Your Wednesday horoscope, Taurus! Your love life picks up in a dramatic manner. Someone for whom you have had a deep infatuation will make the first real move. Look out to see that nobody is watching when you follow through on a promise you made to yourself long ago.

They keep tellin' me day after day that my love life is gonna be better, and day after day, nuthin' is happenin'. Nope, I don't believe in crap that has no menain', especially when it makes claims that just ain't true.

Of course, there always is tomorrow, and I suppose one of these days somethin' on my horrorscope will come to pass. I mean the odds are such that surely some coincidence will occur.

Posted by notGeorge at January 14, 2004 08:00 PM

Shame on them for keep getting our (I am a Taurus too)hopes up! Or course, telling me tere is love in my future today is alot better than you will deal with several idiots and do busy work for most of the day...

Posted by: Tink at January 14, 2004 09:51 PM