January 14, 2004

OK, check this out!

If you read down a bit, you will see a long list of links that I did today, and just above that a post that says I posted it before I was finished. I am here to now explain why that was done.

First off, check out my SiteMeter stats for the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today. The day before yesterday, I spent about 3 hours composing a link listin' containin' 26 links, and did not post at all while I was in the middle of that composition. When I check my visitation rate during the 3 hours I was busily composin' that post, hardly anyone visited.

Yesterday, I did 23 or so posts, at the rate of about one ever 20 minutes from about lunchtime onward. This continually showed my blog being regularly updated and as such, my visitation numbers yesterday were nearly double what they were the day before.

Today, I was working on that lenghthy link list and noticed that my visitation numbers while I was workin' on that compostion were near nil, so I posted the part I had completed and continued the compostion. I also posted the post immediately precedin' that one to explain why ya might see this blog as updated, but see no clear evidence of a new post.

The moral of this story, people, is that if ya post regularly and show as updated on blogrolls, your visitation numbers will increase. Of course, some of the extra visitation also comes from showing as updated on the MT.org updated blog list, but it still is visitation associated with regular updatin'.

Posted by notGeorge at January 14, 2004 08:11 PM