February 26, 2004

Nope, I was actually on the right track after all

OK, I decided to use a bit of the free time I got by playin' hooky from work after the trial aborted to read a few blogs, slather a few comments here and there and to link to a few of my favs as was my former system prior to the snit. What I find is what kinda set me off on the snit in the first place ... people do not seem to be anymore likely to read or comment if I post more often than they did previously. I have actually found that by postin' less often, I am drawin' about the same number of readers daily, meanin' to me that I likely have about that number of regular readers who really seem to be keen on comin' to read my various diatribes about me and my mundane existence.

Most likely, this phenomenon is due to most such people also tend to read most of the same blogs on a regular basis as I do, so find no need for my pointers to these blogs. No, they want the original content, that stuff that is truly me and about me. They really do come for these Nightly Navel Gazin' Reports™ and who woulda ever thunk that?

Well, I will tell ya'll that my navel is highly pleased to learn that it is such a major star of the blogosphere, and it truly loves all the adoration and attention that ya'll have shown it by your continued readership and ardent commentin'. It may just be that soon I will replace that stupid picture of me in the upper left hand corner with one of my belly button. It seems to be what everyone wants to see and read about, after all. Hey, give the fans what they want, right. Someone said that, who was it? Pete Rose maybe? Or was that Gypsy Rose Lee? Now there was a lady that was not afraid to bare her navel for her adorin' fans. Well, enough inanity ... ya'll go read some of the other crud I wrote today and throw in a pity comment here and there. Send me some hate mail or something. If'n ya read my psychological crud down there, you might find I am a psychotic, neurotic somethin' or other that hates it because he lives alone and might be gettin' drunk and thinkin' about shootin' his dogs* or somethin' right now. Actually, I have no idea what any of that gobblety gook is -- some Freudian slips or shits, I don't know. Fuck this shit, I am goin' to bed. End of report.

*I ain't even thinkin' of shootin' my dogs, people. That is just some crud I said. I love my dogs, even though they are barkin' and barkin' and barkin' and drivin' me crazy right now. I think maybe they are tryin' to tell me that they really really love me and want me to bring them a dog biscuit. ttffn.

Posted by notGeorge at February 26, 2004 09:15 PM