March 14, 2004

Your Sunday evenin' crudfest or a bunch of stuff I wanted to write

{UPDATE: I just now 'membered what I had originally intended to say, or one of the things other than what I did say that was my purpose of postin'. I just thought I had two pretty noteworthy and controversial seemin'ly joke emails I received today of which no one seems to have taken notice: regardin' the different ways reporters can see the same story and a parable denouncin' homosexual relationships.]

First of all, I am very peeved that none of ya'll even attempted to win the easy Kudos on this post despite my havin' brung up this matter not once, but twice, since the original post. Now, this makes three times, but that don't make me a lady. I would put a kudo challenge on that one, but seems no one cares a whit for my kudos. They are at least a valuable as Jim's snooze points, aren't they? Actually, I ain't got any idea what the fork kudos are anyway, just some ol' hackneyed cliche' like most of the crud with which I come up. Damn, but what Churchill would be proud. There could be some kudos for that too, but ya'll don't seem to be playin'.

OK, so let's move off on another subject: my blog template. Ha ha! Yeah, I know ya'll are tired as Hell® of hearin' 'bout my blog template, but actually I was just gonna say that I tested it at 800x600 and it actually showed everythin' 'cept the right column without scrollin'. That is great, 'cause mostly all that is on the right column is links to ya'll. ;) No seriously, anyone who surfs at 800x600 or below just needs to go into the Individual Entry Archives. It ain't like we all get what we want. I like surfin' at a higher resolution than I do on this system because it is missin' the stop just above the settin' I use at the office and I don't like how small the letters are at the next higher settin' that is available. Surprisin'ly, none of my monitors will go down to 640x480 now. If you need to have things that big, folks, use the magnifier in Windows Accessories Accessibility. My late dad had such poor eyesight, he had a 36" monitor set to large type. He was surprised when I showed him the magnifier accessory.

Well, that is enough crud to spread for now. My head is poundin' -- likely sinus, Susie* -- and my neck has taken a lot of abuse from me sittin' steadily in this computer chair over the last two days, so I think I am gonna go watch one of them Lee Van Cleef movies I bought the other day. I got a full cup of Dr. Pepper and my belly is full from the Fritos® Chili Pie and regular order of onion rings I had at Sonic® after my last post from the office as I was headin' this way. I made a short detour, as usual, and filled my cup, then took a short trip down the street and filled my belly. I'll likely tell ya how the chili settled a bit later. ;)

Two months, one week, six days, 20 hours, 3 minutes and 4 seconds as elapsed since I last took a puff off of a nasty cigarette and that now means 2584 cigarettes not smoked, allowin' me to save $516.85 in cash as well as possibly extendin' my life an additional 1 week, 1 day, 23 hours, 20 minutes.

*Who will likely, I hope, be pleased that neither digital pictures nor movies, generally, ever give me a headache. ;)

Posted by notGeorge at March 14, 2004 08:11 PM

Congrats on the new template. It kicks some serious butt, dude.

Posted by: SilverBlue at March 14, 2004 08:18 PM