April 23, 2004

"Pull up your pants, son. You are under arrest!"

"I'm sick of seeing it," said [Derrick] Shepherd, a first-term [Jefferson Parish. Louisiana] legislator. "The community's outraged. And if parents can't do their job, if parents can't regulate what their children wear, then there should be a law."
Rep. Shepherd proposes that anyone caught violatin' this law be subject to "a fine of as much as $500 or as many as six months in jail, or both." You see, he is sick and tired of glimpsin' "boxer shorts and G-strings over the lowered belt lines of young adults." Ain't we all? Still, makin' it against the law? Whatcha smokin', Derrick?
Joe Cook, American Civil Liberties Union's Louisiana chapter, said the bill probably does not meet the U.S. Supreme Court's standard for the prohibition of obscene behavior under the First Amendment.
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attribution: Ravenwood

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