May 22, 2004

The stuff that legends are made of --

It seems that the genie over at has been busy here lately. First of all, there has been grave disbelief shown about the story* of the German couple that were not havin' sex and wonderin' why they had no success* in tryin' to start a family: Urban Legends Reference Pages: Pregnancy (No Sex Please, We're Religious)**

does not turn out to be a hoax, as well

Next, they totally debunk the claim that Andy Kaufan is alive.****

I am just hopeful that this story [NOTICE: FEMALE FRONTAL NUDITY SHOWN] does not turn out to be a hoax, as well.*****

[UPDATE: Throw another log on this fire.]

*I bit on this story as well. See: A German Married Couple.

**I am fully aware that my own lack of success is due to the same reason, but, of course, not includin' the lack of tryin'.

***I ran across it at Jen's.

****Kudos, of course, to Jane of Burnt Fuse.

*****The slice of life provided by the Most Gracious Hostess of Cake Eater Chronicles.

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Oh man! That neekid rollercoaster thing is sooooooo cool! :-P

Though I think someone like me would have a lot of trouble with no ummm *cough* support - I would end up with black eyes :-P

Posted by: squishybear at May 23, 2004 09:37 AM