May 22, 2004

Audience Choice

Well, as possibly one or two of you know, Saturday's are a really slow bloggin' day. As such, it was particularly hard to locate a really choice Stupidest Human of the Day™ for today. Instead, I have three only partially stupid people for you to choose among. So, kiddies, who is it gonna be:

Contestant Number One comes to us from Accidental Verbosity, and is the brainless and likely deaf bimbo who wanted Jay to switch to the long distance service he already uses, despite his havin' informed her of such several times:.
Contestant Number Two is "The Barkin' Attorney" from New York City," nominated by Joe Gandelman of Dean's World.
Contestant Number Three, the Blogosphere's only fred1st of Fragments ~ from Floyd, who was fingered by Dustbury after he had the audacity to propose genetical reengineerin' of the Labrador species of dogs just so that photographin' them would be easier.
Who do you think should be named as today's Stupidest Human of the Day™?

Well, I am waitin'?

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