May 23, 2004

Timin' is ever'thin'

Well, it took me forever to find a theater that was still showin' "The Alamo" but I finally did, way on the other side of the city. I ain't talkin' 'bout the little town where I live, but the city that is about an hour away: Ft. Worth. The movie was not as bad as I thought it was gonna be, but then again, it was a bit borin' in parts. It ain't like I was not familiar with the story. Of course, I can tell ya, I was pretty tired, as it was 12:30 am or so when I finally got out of the theater and was on my way home. I just got home and am sittin' here lookin' right down at my navel. No sign of any lint in there, nor any other foreign objects, so I supposed it is doin' as well as usual. Good, because I am tired as heck and am ready for bed. End of report.

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