August 24, 2004

What I want to say about the Paul Hamm/Yang Tae Young affair

Ya know, I am all for fair play in sports and such, and I understand the upset the Koreans must feel over the affair over the Men's All-Around Gymnastics event, but in all honesty, if you watched Yang Tae Young and Paul Hamm's performances through-out the whole series of men's gymnastics events, especially the High Bar event where the mistake was made and you see that Paul Hamm, despite the problems with quietin' the crowd down so that he could even start his performance, had a much better score than Yang Tae Young. I feel for Yang Tae Young and for the whole country of South Korea, but in all fairness, everyone performin' in the whole Men's All-Around Gymnastics event seemed to be a bit off their game that night, and Paul Hamm, Yang Tae Young, and his countryman, Kim Dae Eun, ought to feel pretty glad for havin' come out with those medals with as poorly as all three performed. They should thank their lucky stars that so many of the others made more mistakes than they did, as, in my opinion, none of them were actually all that worthy of claimin' that top pedestal for the event. Maybe, in all fairness, they should just award all three the bronze medal, and say no one was worthy of either silver or gold.

Kerri Strug on this issue.

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